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Why scoop the poop?

We get this question from customers all the time: “Is dog poop good for grass?” To debunk an old myth: Dog waste is not considered an ideal fertilizer. Because it’s high in acidity, dog waste actually kills the grass and contaminates gardens when not it’s removed. It also can pose an environmental hazard and health concern for both animals and humans.

Lingering load

Even when pet waste appears to disintegrate into the ground, it doesn’t disappear. All the viruses, parasites and bacteria and pathogens remain in your grass, spreading around with rain runoff and foot traffic. The EPA even estimates that two- or three-days’ worth of droppings from 100 dogs would contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay (and all watershed areas within 20 miles) to swimming and shell fishing.

Pet protection

Dogs are curious creatures, using their noses and mouths to explore their surroundings. If they come into contact with infected stool from another dog, they may become sick. Diseases like heartworms and parvovirus live in dog feces, can quickly pass to other pets and are potentially fatal. Regular pooper scooper service cleans up your grass, reducing the likelihood of your pup picking up a virus from your own backyard.

Dangers to humans

Some parasites – like hookworms – in dog poop can also infect humans, causing cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness and serious kidney disorders. These pesky organisms can be resilient, too; Giardia can endure through extreme temperatures, while roundworms may live up to four years in soil. The safest way to handle dog feces is to dispose of it in specified trashcans – or let us dispose of it for you. Landfills are designed to handle dog waste. Your yard isn’t.

Take a load off

At Dirty Work, we prefer our grass clean – and your family, employees, neighbors and pets safe. Let us take care of the Dirty Work for you.


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