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Happy International Pooper Scooper Week!

We are often asked, “Why is it important to scoop my pet’s poop – isn’t it good fertilizer?” What a better week to clear this question up than National Pooper Scooper week!

The answer is simple: picking up your pet’s waste is the healthiest option for you, your pet and your grass. Even when it appears that your pet’s waste is disintegrating into the ground, it is not actually disappearing. The bacteria and pathogens linger in the grass and contribute to dangerous runoff into creeks and watersheds – not to mention potentially infecting your pets as they sniff around the grass.

So, how can you make sure you’re keeping yourself and your beloved dog safe?

Regular poop scooping

The good news: we’re here to help. In rain or shine, cold weather or hot, Dirty Work is here to do the doody duty for you – for less than the cost of a pizza!

It’s simple

Booking your scooping session is easy: visit our website or book through our app, pick your date and time, provide a few entry details, and a trained member of our team will leave your property feeling brand new. Head to our About Us page to learn more about what makes Dirty Work different – and the most reliable pooper scooper service in the Metro Atlanta area for over 20+ years.

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