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Pet Waste Station Tip

So many clients have issues with the misuse or overfilling of their HOA / property / community pet waste stations. Luckily, there are two very easily solutions!

Without changing or removing the station post, most of the time Dirty Work can upgrade the size and style of the station bin itself to an enclosed model that is larger, but also has a limited opening meant for dog baggies and not residential or auto trash.
Dirty Work Pet Waste Station Management

The second solution is to place a roll away or single trash can right beside the pet waste station. It’s even more helpful to place a “trash” sticker or label on the can. We have found that most people would much rather deposit cups and trash in a waste receptacle rather than a bin with dog waste.

And Dirty Work would be more than happy to empty and take away the trash can liner and replace with a new bag when we are also servicing your pet waste station.

Please just let us know how we can help you keep your community clean, pleasant looking and smelling and waste free!

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