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Dirty Jobs: You Won’t Believe What I Do for a Living!

If you’re working these days, you’re probably grateful – even if your job isn’t inspiring, exciting, or fulfilling.  But for those times when you’re tired of it all and feel like complaining, think about these five women.  Their jobs make most people cringe, but guess what? They love what they do.


Brown closed her computer consulting business 12 years ago and started a dog-cleanup business with a partner.  Now, several days a week DIRTY WORK cleans up poop from yards, apartment complexes and neighborhoods.

Don’t Poo-Poo This Job

When I tell people what we do the reaction I get most often is laughing and an onslaught of one-liners: “That must be a crappy job” or “Are you the Grand Poo-bah?”

Waste Not, Want Not

The reason we’ve succeeded is because it’s a dirty job and people don’t want to do it themselves.  We show up, scoop up, and take away all of the waste.  If the dogs are outside, we play with them.  When it’s rainy, everything smells more and is slippery and more difficult to clean.

Grossest Moment

One client had been piling the waste in the yard and she wanted us to take it all away on our first visit.  But rats had created catacombs in it and all kinds of bugs were living in it – and they were not happy to be disturbed.

Dog Days

We work with so many dogs that were puppies when we started out, and now we have relationships with them.  The dogs appreciate what we do.

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